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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

With the booming real estate market, it is evident that many properties are getting sold within days from being on the market, and at a great price with minimal advertising.

With this said, "home staging" has become one of the easiest ways that helped home owners to sell their home fast and to get the best price possible.

So, what are the benefits of Home Staging,
and Should you consider Home Staging for your next sale?

Benefit #1 - It Creates a Great First Impression

First impressions are always important just like when you go into a restaurant and you see a friendly staff who is there to greet you, or even when you go on a date and you have to think silently if they are a good match to you or not. Similarly, the first impression that your property gives, will have a great impact on the buyers and also how much they are willing to spend in buying your property.

During open inspections, buyers are usually given 30minutes to observe everything your house has to offer before they make the decision to put an offer forward. With this in mind, if the house is well-presented within this 30-minute session, with each space showcased with suitable furniture and soft-furnishings, it will most likely make a great first impression for the potential buyers.

Most buyers nowadays look for the "bones" of a property when deciding to make the purchase, and this can be quite challenging if the house is filled with outdated furniture. If the house also seems clustered, the great qualities that your house holds will most likely be hidden, and would probably not make a great first impression to the buyers.

Benefit #2 - It Focuses on "Potentials"

Home staging will present and focus on the potentials of your home, and not what it currently is. Your home will need to appeal to the potential buyers who will have different design tastes in mind. For this reason, staging will help create spaces that meet a broader appeal, which would increase the number of interested buyers walking in the door to inspect your property. By depersonalising your home will encourage the buyers to visualise themselves living in your house, rather than how it is being currently occupied. While you cannot predict what buyers' design tastes are going to be like, a staged home will most likely appear more attractive to potential buyers.

Benefit #3 - Faster Sale

Staging a home will most likely create a faster sale with more people clicking into your property listing. When potential buyers go through multiple listings at the same time, the properties that are better presented will stand out to them more. We also cannot rule out the potential interstate or overseas buyers who are viewing your listing online. They will rely on the images and virtual tours of your home, and if they are well presented, it will most likely increase the number of enquiries you receive, and thus lead to a positive, faster sale.


So, How much would Home Staging Cost?

All staging companies will have different fee schedule, and some may charge an hourly rate while others give you a lump sum fee based on the size of your home. From our experience, to stage a moderate sized home with a living room, kitchen, dining, a balcony, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms have costed approximately $2,000. This fee included standard furniture items, artworks and home furnishings. However, please note that this fee is only a guide and can fluctuate depending on the size of each home.

If you are one of the potential sellers who are interested in selling, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss things further including an option for home staging. To check out some of the staged homes we have done, below is a gallery showcasing before & after photos.

(Photo Credit: Amazing Home Staging)

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