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Domain's latest Rent Report has revealed that the rental market in Brisbane has been undergoing the steepest annual increase in the city's history (Webb, 2022). As this suggests, Brisbane's rental market has been quite active, although it was hidden behind the scenes of the soaring sales market.

With this demand in rental properties, we would like to share with you some of the key aspects that can differentiate your rental properties from others to attract maximum potential tenants.


Visual Appeal

How your property aesthetically looks, counts - both exterior & interior. If your rental property is a house, why not consider adding a few touches to landscaping or even upgrading your fencing to boost up the street appeal? First impressions count, and if you can achieve a neat, well-looked after atmosphere, it will be much more appreciated by the potential tenants.

Also, applying a fresh coat of paint, or an upgrade to the flooring material can massively uplift a tiring home, and instantly improve the visual appeal of your rental property, whether it is a house or an apartment.

A/C, Fans & Lights

What we have noticed with our property management experience for the past few years is that a property with an air-conditioning system was far more appealing to tenants than a property without. Especially in Brisbane where almost 3/4 of the year is quite sunny, properties with the A/C system have been attracting a larger pool of tenants, and thus giving the landlord a wider spectrum of tenant applications to choose from.

For similar reasons, the rooms with a central light can be swapped out with a fan/light combo instead, to achieve better ventilation within your rental property.

If you feel that your rental property is also lacking natural light, you could consider updating the lighting fixtures with the ones with higher lumen. A lot of older properties tend to have surface mounted oyster lights or even a central pendant, which are usually not enough to provide general artificial light to cover the entire space (living, dining, lounge etc). For this instance, replacing these fixtures with new LED downlights (if your ceiling type permits) can provide better lighting qualities without impacting much on the electricity bill.

Fly-screen or Security Screen

Being able to open windows and doors without worrying about insects is a big deal for all of us, and definitely for your potential tenants. Windows and doors provide natural breezes during the summer months as well as allowing unpleasant odour to escape when needed. If your windows and doors don't have either a fly-screen or a security screen installed, the chances of them being used properly become very minimal, which can put off a lot of potential tenants.

Security screens are highly desired as they act as an additional barrier to help prevent unwanted intruders from entering. This will increase the level of comfort for your tenants, and we have noticed that they are usually happy to pay that little extra each week/month as a contribution.


Above listed are only "some" of many factors that we feel you could consider to attract tenants when putting your rental property on the market. There are many more other factors such as adding more storage, or renovating the kitchen/bathroom to amp up the spatial & functional quality of your property. It is understandable that some of these upgrades will cost much more than others, and that they may not be a viable option for you to undergo. However, it may be a worthwhile exercise to obtain some quotes to work out what can be done - because in the end, happy tenants mean long-term rent, and thus, happy landlord!

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