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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Cocco reveals 5 tips to help you buy your home successfully.

Sometimes it tends to get a little overwhelming when it comes to buying your home, especially if you have been dreaming about this particular house, or simply, if it is your first time making the big purchase. There may be no exact steps to follow in securing your home, however, we have put together an ideal guidance below, hoping your realestate experience is as smooth as possible.

Now, remember these 5 key steps in buying your dream home successfully!

Step #1 - Research

"Determine your Non-Negotiables"

It will usually be the case that no house will perfectly match your dream home. It is about determining your non-negotiables as early as possible and working out the compromises. Ask yourself, what is the most important value of a home to you? Is it how far your home is from work? Or is it how big the land is for your little pooch? Once you have the exact list of the most important features of your ideal home, this will help you create a short-list of properties that could potentially be your next dream home.

Step #2 - Inspections

"Get the Most out of House Inspections"

If you find a house online that ticks your non-negotiables as determined in Step #1, the next important step will be to arrange an inspection. When a house is listed on the market, a corresponding realestate agent will most likely upload a few open home slots for the public to attend. If you cannot make it to these open inspection times, contact the agent to organise a private viewing.

Attending an inspection will give you the confidence in making the purchase, and that there won't be any unknown surprises once you actually move in. If you are either an interstate or an overseas buyer and cannot physically attend to inspections, please ask your close friends or family members to attend on your behalf. Alternatively, ask the realestate agent if there are any means of 3D tours that you can access online.

"A full home inspection is the best defence against future liability for the seller and the most assured way a buyer can feel comfortable with the home purchase" by Tory Graham.

When you are at the inspection, please ask questions. Agents are there to share their knowledge with you during these inspections, so please make most of it. Ask the key questions that you have in mind, and this will save you from having doubts or worries throughout the purchasing process.

Step #3 - Finance

"Take the Correct Steps to Secure your Finances"

Please seek help from your preferred institutions to secure your finances. These institutions can include but not limited to your banks or professional brokers who are usually happy to do the research on your behalf. Talk to them, ask questions, and get your pre-approval if you plan to purchase with a mortgage. Obtaining pre-approval early on in the process will reduce significant time, and that you will most likely be the preferred candidate in the case of multiple offer situations. Please also don't forget that pre-approvals usually last for 3 months, and that you may need to renew / reapply if you couldn't find your dream home within the 3-month period.

Step #4 - Buying

"The Legal Process"

Purchasing a home is a big deal, and you would want to do it the right way when it comes to legal documents, i.e. Contract of Sale. Once you receive the initial contract from the realestate agent, make sure to peruse carefully and work out if all the details are correct. Send a copy of this contract to your solicitor, and ask them to go through everything again so that you are at maximum protection if some things don't go to plan as anticipated. Seeking professional services from solicitors will let you hurdle through the legal process with ease, especially if going through all the terms and conditions of a sale isn't your forte.

Step #5 - Moving

"Get Organised and Moving will be a Breeze"

If you have found the house and know your settlement date, start organising the move in. Contact your local removalists and give them an idea of the items you wish to take to your next home. If you are moving into an apartment or a unit, consult with the Body Corp. or the property manager to ensure you have clear access in the loading bay for big removalist trucks to offload your goods. Make sure to also book in a lift if you are moving into upper levels of an apartment. This will minimise time, effort and thus, cost.

Need us to help you find your next home?

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to have a consultation to buy your next home. We are available through our Website, Instagram, Facebook or on the Phone.

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